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Edmund Wood

Rehearsal Assistant & Understudy Moth, Cobweb & Peaseblossom

Edmund earned a degree in acting at Rose Bruford College, though interestingly his first job on graduating was as a movement artist on a Sir Peter Hall production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Glyndebourne Festival Opera, where he took the role of a Plum Tree! Since then, he has performed as both an actor and puppeteer on theatre productions such as Animal Farm (American Drama Group, European Tour) and In The Night Garden Live (BBC/Minor Productions Ltd, UK Tour) as well as traveling across the world several times on international touring arena shows such as Walking With Dinosaurs (Global Creatures) and How To Train Your Dragon (Global Creatures/Dreamworks). An actor who specialises in big creature puppetry and motion capture, Edmund has worked on computer games and feature films including Zebra Crossing and Star Wars. Fun fact: Edmund once traveled to Lagos in Nigeria for one day only to perform as a human statue in all gold.